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Our wide array sheet metal, self-piercing, and rolled rim grommets can be coupled with flat, teeth, neck, and spur washers to meet your most demanding industrial fabric needs.


Quality Stimpson grommets are available in a variety of metals and finishes for all your commercial printing, sign, and banner needs. The 405 Bench Press and self-piercing grommets are an easy, efficient way to strengthen your products without pre-punching holes.


Marine applications demand the highest quality brass and stainless steel grommets, washers, and snap sets to withstand extreme conditions and Stimpson has you covered.


Industry standard flat and rolled flange eyelets from Stimpson, the market leader, are available in various metals for a wide variety of reinforcement needs.


Our rolled rim grommets and spur washers provide the dependable grip required for harnesses, body belts, and other specialty fall protection accessories.


Whether it’s specialized eyelets for prosthetics and braces, electrical connectors for today’s most advanced medical devices, or snaps for hospital curtains, we have the products to make your custom solution happen.

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Grommets for Leatherworking

Grommets for leather goods are both decorative and functional. Known for their hole reinforcement capabilities, Stimpson’s brass and stainless steel grommets and washers allow leather craftsmen to easily add embellishments. From leather belts to stylish handbags, work aprons and equestrian …
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Grommets and Washers for Boats

Marine Grade Stainless Steel Grommets & Washers

The demand for stainless steel grommets and washers for marine applications has never been higher. As companies continue to discover new and innovative marine products, Stimpson’s marine grade stainless steel grommets and washers provide the best fastening and corrosion performance. While …
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Stimpson #2 Grommets for Signs & Banners

Stimpson #2 grommets and washers come in a variety of types, base metals, and finishes to provide superior hole reinforcement for signs and banners. Manufactured to exacting specifications, all of our grommets feature smooth inside edges specially designed to reduce friction between the cord or rope passing through the grommet. This feature significantly improves the life of the sign or banner since the risk of cutting the cord or cable is reduced considerably. Available in brass and stainless steel and in different finishes, Stimpson plain, teeth, neck, self-piercing and rolled rim grommets create a professional appearance for any sign or banner while providing superior hole reinforcement.
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