The Model 92 Series of grommet machines has been produced for more challenging applications such as heavy duty industrial fabrics or setting larger grommets. They offer upgraded power by using a stronger motor and larger flywheel.

The Model G2R92 and Model G92 are single feed machines, with the grommet being fed automatically, while the washer, if used, is manually placed on the lower die. The Model 92GW (below) is a dual feed version of this machine, setting both the grommet and the washer in a single revolution of the machine.

Model G2R92
A heavy duty machine intended to accommodate grommets from size #00 to #5,  It is a double revolution machine that is used where perforating the material and setting the grommet is desirable with one handling of materials.  On the first revolution the hole in the material is cut and on the second revolution the grommet is fed and roll set.  Washers, if used, are hand fed.

Model G92
The same features as the G2R92, except it is a single revolution machine that is used where materials are prepunched.  Washers, if used, are hand fed.

Stimpson Models G2R92 and G92 Specifications
Cast Iron Frame Dimensions
Height24 1/2″
Throat Depth (Center of ram to frame)7 1/4″ standard
Stroke2 3/4″ standard
Flywheel Speed160 RPM
Motor1140 RPM: 1/2 HP
Net Weight400 lbs. crated

Model 92GW

The 92GW is specifically constructed to punch a hole in heavy duty industrial fabrics and feed and set a grommet and washer, all in a single revolution.

The result is a strong, durable quality setting with greater productivity, enhanced safety, and reduced operator fatigue.
For grommet and washer sizes #0 to #4.

Stimpson Model 92GW Specifications
Main Body FrameCast Iron
Grommet and Washer feedAutomatic from rotating brush hoppers
Dimensions(overall) 4 1/2 inches
Floor Space36″ x 36″
Work Height37″ setting to floor
Throat Depth2.5″
Flywheel Speed140 RPM
Electrical115 VAC, 60 HZ, 1/2 HP single phase motor and switch
PneumaticElectro-Air foot trip, requires 50-60 PSI of compressed air
SafetyAll guarding as required

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