Grommet & Washer Portable Pneumatic Press 3P6 - Stimpson

Model 3P6

Model 3P6 is a portable pneumatic press specifically produced for industrial fabric grommet applications. At only 22 pounds, 17″ tall, 4″ wide and 11″ deep, this powerful compact press is capable of punching a hole in a wide range of industrial fabrics and attaching a Stimpson grommet and washer, all in a single cycle.

For Stimpson grommet and washer sizes #00 to #4, the Model 3P6 can also accommodate snap fasteners and eyelets.

All of the setting tools in the 3P6 line are interchangeable and are simply threaded in place allowing for fast conversions.

This machine is built on a sturdy welded frame and constructed for safe operation and ease of use. It is intended to be portable or bench mounted, and is offered with a variety of stands, options and special configurations.

Model 3P6 Specifications
Weight22 lbs.
Height17 inches
Width4 inches
Depth11 inches
Pneumatic Eyelet, Grommet & Washer Press - Stimpson 3P5X

Model 3P6-X

For grommet and washer applications that require sizes #5 or larger.

This unit works in the same manner as the standard 3P6 machine, but is larger and more robust.

This unit can be adapted to accommodate smaller size grommets and washers as well. (Stimpson sizes #00 through #4.) All setting tools are interchangeable. All varieties of stands and configurations available with model 3P6 are also available with 3P6-X.

Model 3P6 Specifications
Weight45 lbs.
Height17 1/2 inches
Width4 1/2 inches
Depth14 inches

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