Install grommets & washers securely and quickly with Stimpson’s modular hand drive grommet tool. Featuring a modular design, operators can quickly swap out the top & bottom tooling insert(s) to set different Stimpson grommets & washers while using the same bolster and handle.* This versatile grommet tool is compatible with Stimpson’s brass and stainless steel grommets & washers when using the corresponding tooling inserts. 

The modular hand drive is available in a complete set, a basic set, or as individual components.Both sets include everything needed to begin setting Stimpson grommets & washers immediately. The complete modular hand drive set includes a heavy-duty handle manufactured from cold-rolled steel, an extremely sharp and hardened hole punch to cut holes in the material, the top & bottom tooling insert(s) to set the corresponding Stimpson grommet & washer, a cutting disc to prevent any damage to your workbench, and a hex key to quickly and securely set the top tooling.

*For information on which type of Stimpson sizes and types fasteners are compatible, view the chart below.

  • Quick Change Tooling: Expand production quickly by swapping out the top insert(s) using a hex key to set different sizes and types of Stimpson grommets.
  • Portability: Weighing in at under three lbs., the modular hand drive is portable, allowing operators to set grommets & washers on the production floor or on-the-go. 
  • Built to Last: The modular components of the hand drive are manufactured from cold-rolled hardened steel and tool steel, respectively, for long-lasting performance and durability.
  • Versatility: Due to its modular configuration, the hand drive is ideal for a variety of industries, including signs & banners, marine, marine, safety & fall protection, tarps & tents, and more.

Compatibility Chart

Component MaterialsStylesSizes
Small Modular Handle (MH0) and Small Modular Bolster (MBO)Brass with Nickel, Brass with DBC, Stainless SteelSnaps24 Line
BrassGS® EyeletsComing Soon!
Medium Modular Handle (MH1) and Medium Modular Bolster (MB2) Brass with Nickel, Brass with DBCSheet Metal Grommets & Washers00-5
Rolled Rim Grommets & Spur Washers 0-4
Marine Grade Stainless SteelSheet Metal Grommets & Washers00-4
Rolled Rim Grommets & Spur Washers0-4
E-Series Stainless SteelRolled Rim Grommets & Spur Washers0-4
Large Modular Handle (MB2) and Large Modular Bolster (MB3) Brass, Brass with Nickel, Brass with DBCSheet Metal Grommets & Washers6
Rolled Rim Grommets & Spur Washers6-10

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