The Stimpson GS® (graduated size) Eyelet group consists of a matrix of 72 eyelets where the length and outside barrel diameters are graduated by 1/32”. Scroll down for a chart of eyelet dimensions and use the tabs for more information.

This grouping will meet the requirements of most general purpose eyeleting applications.

GS® Eyelets are most commonly requested in brass, and are normally inventoried in large quantities. GS® Eyelets can also be made from steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper.

GS® Eyelet Dimensions

GS® Eyelet Dimensions
GS® Series #Nominal Hole SizeOutside DiameterFlange DiameterMetal ThicknessLength Under Flange 1/32″ increments)
GS® 2 Series2/32″.059″.105″.007″2/32″ to 7/32″
GS® 3 Series3/32″.089″.150″.009″3/32″ to 12/32″
GS® 4 Series4/32″.121″.200″.0095″3/32″ to 12/32″
GS® 5 Series5/32″.152″.245″.010″3/32″ to 12/32″
GS® 6 Series6/32″.183″.290″.0105″3/32″ to 14/32″
GS® 7 Series7/32″.215″.340″.011″3/32″ to 14/32″
GS® 8 Series8/32″.246″.385″.011″3/32″ to 14/32″

GS® Eyelet Options

In addition to our Rolled Flange GS® Eyelets, GS® Eyelets can also be made with a flat flange, or with a closed end.


A Terminology Guide for Stimpson GS® Eyelets


Eyelet Attaching Machines

Hand operated, foot operated or fully automatic, Stimpson offers the Eyelet Attaching Machine that is right for your application. For further information, click on the machine of your choice below or call us and we’ll talk you through all the details and your options! 877-765-0748 (US)