Hand Drive Setting Tools
Hand Drives form the grommet into the proper shape when the user strikes the handle with a mallet. Our modular design allows the replacement of individual components and the use of the same handle and bolster for different grommet sizes. There is no limit to what size grommet a Hand Drive can be used for.

The 405 Bench Press
The industry standard for small to medium quantity jobs, Stimpson’s Model 405 bench press machine is both versatile and durable. Most commonly used with Stimpson self-piercing grommets and washers to cut a hole and set a grommet simultaneously, it can also set all other styles of grommets, as well as eyelets, snaps, clamps, and many other items. Tooling is easily interchanged on the 405, making it a multi-purpose tool for your shop. The 405 can set grommets sizes up to #4.


Hand Feed Machines
These machines use power to cut a hole and set a grommet, so there is minimal physical exertion required by the operator. The grommet is placed on the tools by hand, and then the machine is cycled to set the grommet. These machines are ideal for medium sized jobs where operator fatigue is a concern. Tools are easily interchanged, so a machine can be used for multiple grommet sizes. Limitations in terms of grommet sizes vary by machine; some can set even the largest grommets.


Automatic Machines
Automatic machines use power to set the grommet, but also “feed” the grommet into position automatically, so the operator does not have to place it by hand. This increases efficiency dramatically. Each automatic machine is specifically configured for a single grommet size and style. In some cases, conversion kits can be purchased to allow a mechanic to convert the machine to work with a different size or style of grommet. Automatic machines are suitable for medium to high volume jobs, where automating the attaching function will save costly labor hours. Limitations in terms of grommet sizes vary by machine, with a #5 grommet being the maximum capacity.

Single feed (semi-automatic) machines feed a grommet or eyelet into position; if a washer is used, it is placed by hand.

Dual feed (fully-automatic) machines feed both the grommet and a neck or teeth washer for maximum efficiency.

Snap Machines
Snap machines are specifically configured to feed and attach snap sets. Most customers purchase two machines; one to attach caps to sockets and a second to attach studs to posts. Most automatic machines are capable of cutting a hole in the material, although some versions are specifically intended for pre-punched work.