A dual feed grommet machine which pierces your material while it automatically feeds and sets both the grommet and the washer all with one tripping of the electric foot switch.

By piercing the material, as opposed to punching out a clean hole, a stronger setting is achieved on thinner materials as the material is actually clinched between the grommet and the washer.

The sequence of operation is simple.  The operator positions the material to be grommeted, steps on the electric foot switch and… that’s it.  The machine does the rest.   The material is pierced and the dual feed and setting of the grommet and washer is all completed in less than a second.  The result is a strong, tight, dependable  setting time after time.

So you can see how the Model 83GW will provide significantly increased productivity while, at the same time, reducing operator fatigue and providing a greater degree of operator safety.

Available for Rolled Rim Grommets with matching Spur Washer sizes #0 to #4, and Plain Grommet and matching Neck or Teeth Washer sizes #00 to #4.

Model 83GW Specifications
FeedAutomatic from motor driven rotating brush hoppers.
Motor1/2 HP, 115 VAC, 60 HZ, Single Phase
Flywheel Speed140 RPM
Throat Depth2″
ActuationElectric Foot Switch
Compressed AirFiltered 50-60 PSI, 0.2 cfm
Dimensions (overall)
Height5 1/2 ‘ (with guard)
Width2 1/2′
Depth2 1/2′
Weight530 lbs.

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