In 1852, the Edwin B. Stimpson Company opened a 1,500 square foot factory in Lower Manhattan at what would be, 31 years later, the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Now, more than 170 years later, Stimpson produces the largest variety of standard and special eyelets of any single company in the world. Our 278,000 square foot facility in Pompano Beach, Florida is furnished with the most advanced, state-of-the-art, high-speed automated equipment available.

Over the last 25 years alone, Stimpson has shipped over 150 billion parts including Eyelets, Grommets, Washers, Hole Plugs, Snap Fasteners, Vents, Clamps, Ferrules and many additional metal products.

Placed end to end, those parts would circle the globe 50 times… No small feat considering the size of our products!

Wicks Unlimited, a division of Stimpson Co., Inc.

Wicks Unlimited

In July 2000, Edwin B. Stimpson Co., Inc. and Wicks Unlimited, Inc. joined forces in a combined effort to bring the world’s candle industry a wealth of high-quality products and creative thinking.

Though the backgrounds of these two companies were significantly different, the companies themselves actually proved to complement each other perfectly.

Wicks Unlimited was created simply to provide a better product, a better wick-clip assembly for the candle industry. Wicks Unlimited was able to do this to such an extent that in order to take its dreams to the next level, a partnership with a friend was necessary.

The goals were the same: To provide the industry with the best and most innovative products, supported by friendly, helpful and knowledgeable customer service. We pride ourselves in successfully assisting candle manufacturers, both large and small.

Our goal is to help the industry in making a safer, cleaner burning candle. And that we shall do.


Stimpson’s mission is to empower its diverse customer base to create and innovate superior products for consumers worldwide.

This empowerment is made possible by Stimpson’s promise to:

  • Offer exceptional products made from quality materials
  • Provide exemplary customer service
  • Maintain exceptional levels of precision in manufacturing
  • Be the most trusted industry resource
  • Foster a positive and welcoming environment where its valued employees thrive


1852 Beginning

In 1852, the Edwin B. Stimpson Company opened a 1,500-square foot factory manufacturing fasteners including grommets & washers in Lower Manhattan at what would be, 31 years later, the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge.


1907 New headquarters

On July 15, 1907, the company became incorporated pursuant to New York state laws as Edwin B. Stimpson. The principal officers included: the founder’s son Edwin B. Stimpson Jr. as President and Henry V. Rau as Vice President & Treasurer.

1920 405 Bench Press

Stimpson developed the 405 bench press that revolutionized fastener installation, enabling operators to set grommets, washers, eyelets, and snaps confidently and securely. Over 100 years later, the 405 is still in production today.

Stimpson-405 Bench Press-for-Grommets-&-Washers-Stimpson

1930 Henry Rau Purchases 1930 Edwin B. Stimpson

Henry Rau, Vice President of Edwin B. Stimpson, purchased outright control of Edwin B. Stimpson Co. from the Stimpson family.


1961 New Manufacturing and Distribution Center Opens in Pompano Beach, Florida

Edwin B. Stimpson Co. opened a 280,000-square foot manufacturing and distribution center in Pompano Beach, Florida.


1971 State of the Art state Manufacturing Facility Opens in Bayport, New York

As part of a strategic move, Edwin B. Stimpson Co. transferred their production of eyelets, grommets, washers, snap fasteners, attaching machines and finishing operations from Brooklyn, New York to a state of the art manufacturing facility in Bayport, New York.


2000 Acquisition of Wicks Unlimited

Edwin B. Stimpson Co., Inc acquired Wicks Unlimited to help candle manufacturers produce safer and better-burning candles.


2018 Stimpson Rebrands

With a new logo and a fresh new look on the website and all communications, Stimpson once again positioned itself to move forward as the leading U.S.-based manufacturer and supplier of high-quality fasteners.

2022 Stimpson's Legacy Continues

For over 170 years, through two World Wars, the Great Depression, market downturns, and changing fashion trends, Stimpson continues to be the industry-leading manufacturer of high-quality grommets & washers, eyelets, snaps, hole plugs, and attaching equipment.