Additional Products Manufactured By Stimpson

Clamps, Vents, Ferrules, Shells, Washers, Corners, Arrows and Spinners are additional products manufactured by the Stimpson Company.

You can request the assistance of our Customer Service Department in locating the appropriate product for your requirements.


Stimpson manufactures a wide variety of clamps, which can be made with a single or double “u” shape, with or without teeth, or with lancings to improve pull and grip strengths.


Stimpson’s wide selection of vents and matching washers are most often used for air circulation or drainage in products such as mattresses, rain gear, boots and hats.

Ferrules and Shells

Stimpson ferrules are made in a variety of configurations; straight or tapered, with or without a shoulder, closed ended and with virtually any shape hole.


A large range of round, square, oblong and screw washers are available from Stimpson, in addition to those sold with our grommets, eyelets and vents.


Stimpson corners are commonly found on leather and vinyl binders, personal day books, photo albums, menu covers, portfolios and luggage.

Arrows and Spinners

Whether the application is a board game, teaching aid, advertising novelty or instrument gauge, Stimpson’s arrows and spinners will meet your requirements.