Stimpson offers the complete line of Candle Eyelets, made from .010” tin coated steel, 25% heavier than many of the clips currently being offered. This ensures the strength of the clip as it accepts the crimp and stabilizes the wick-clip assembly.

We choose to use tin coated steel as it helps to inhibit, though not totally prevent, corrosion and, thereby, is preferable to plain steel. This provides our Customers with that added measure of quality.

Stimpson Candle Eyelets are offered in the following lengths:

Standard Length Candle Eyelets - Stimpson

Industry Standards

Standard Length
(.150” = 3.8 mm)

Two Hole Sizes
Two Disc Diameters

Candle Eyelets Medium Eyelets - Stimpson

Medium Lengths

Medium Length
(.236″ = 6.0 mm)

Two Hole Sizes
Two Disc Diameters

Safety Length Candle Eyelets - Stimpson

Safety Lengths

Safety Length
(.394″ = 10.0 mm)

Two Hole Sizes
Two Disc Diameters

Candle Eyelets with Additional Eyelets

Extra Safety Lengths

Longest Length
(.510″ = 13.0 mm)

Two Hole Sizes
One Disc Diameter

Stimpson Candle Eyelet Dimensions

Stimpson Candle EyeletsDisc Diameter 15.0 mm (.590″)Disc Diameter 20.0 mm (.788″)
Eyelet GroupOverall LengthHole SizeHole Size
2.4 mm (.094″)3.0 mm (.118″)2.4 mm (.094″)3.0 mm (.118″)
Industry Standards3.8 mm (.150″)A3789STCA3015STCA3786STCA3793STC
Medium Lengths6.0 mm (.236″)A3792STCA3779STCA3797STCA3796STC
Safety Lengths10.0 mm (.394″)A3798STCA3777STCA3800STCA3799STC
Extra Safety Lengths13.0 mm (.510″)A3851STCA3850STC

A Terminology Guide for Stimpson Candle Eyelets

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