Stimpson proudly offers the Edward Segal line of Automatic Eyelet Machines.

Quality eyelets, grommets and washers need to be supported by quality tooling and grommet machines.

Whether you require a hand-operated bench-mounted machine or a fully automatic dual feed eyelet and grommet machine, Stimpson offers the finest quality equipment available, ensuring that your investment in new tooling or a new machine will be well-informed and a wise one.

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Stimpson Eyelet Attaching Machines

405 Bench Press for Grommet Setting - Stimpson

405 Bench Press

The versatile Stimpson 405 Bench Press is available with a heavy duty aluminum frame. Ideal for setting eyelets in smaller projects or prototype work.

Edward Segal Automatic Eyelet Machines

Model 83, Model 83 LT, Model 2R83 - Stimpson

Model 83, Model 83 LT, Model 2R83

Model 83, 83LT and 2R83 are bench model, automatic feed, eyelet attaching machines specifically designed to make single or multiple high-speed eyelet settings in most light to moderate weight fabrics.