Stimpson Flange Styles

Rolled Flange Eyelet - Stimpson

Rolled Flange

A finished and decorative appearance make the Rolled Flange a popular choice. When set, the under edges of the flange lend well to obtaining a tight setting by gripping the work.

Flat Flange Eyelet - Stimpson

Flat Flange

Usually selected when minimum above surface projection is desired, or where a recessed hole is used for clearance requirements. In soft or thin materials they may be chosen to avoid the flange cutting through the material.

Embossed Flange-Eyelet - Stimpson

Embossed Flange

Combines the contour of the rolled and flat flange to provide the holding power of the roll with a flat outer edge to reduce the chance of cutting through the work.

Funnel Flange Stimpson Eyelet

Funnel Flange

Popular in the electronics industry for easy insertion of leads, and/or trapping of solder flow on PC boards. Used for costume jewelry where gem stones are glued into the funnel contour.

Bell Flange Stimpson Eyelet

Bell Flange

Also ideal for easy acceptance of leads. The rounded inner contour reduces abrasion where wire, cord, or rope is passed through the length of the barrel.

Clipped Flange Stimpson-Eyelet

Clipped Flange

Where space constraints require virtually no flange, the usual flange area is clipped (trimmed) as close as possible to the outside diameter of the barrel.

Custom Eyelet Flanges -Stimpson

Custom Flanges

A wide variety of custom shape flanges are available for unique applications. Most of our standard eyelets can be altered to provide the configuration you may need.

Stimpson Barrel Styles

Straight Barrel Eyelets - Stimpson

Straight Barrel

Straight barrel eyelets are the most commonly used. The holes in the materials to be fastened together are usually the same size, and the straight barrel aids in alignment.

Tapered Barrel Eyelet - Stimpson

Tapered Barrel

The barrel has a definite tapering down of diameter from just under the flange to the bottom end. Desirable primarily in fastening soft materials since the taper provides an easy insertion into the work.

Shoulder Eyelets - Stimpson

Shoulder Eyelets

So called because the barrel consists of two distinct diameters resulting in a stepped shoulder effect. Used to join parts with dissimilar hole sizes; or with the upper (larger) barrel portion acting as a spacer.

Closed End Barrel - Eyelets

Closed End Barrel

A closed end can be used to fasten different pieces together while eliminating the pass through of air, dirt, grease, or other foreign matter. To set, the end of the barrel is bumped to collapse tightly against the work pieces. Also commonly used as a press fit into materials as a hole reinforcement to seat dowel, rods, etc.

Oblong and Square Barrels- Stimpson

Oblong and Square Barrels

In addition to the most common barrel styles described above, Oblong and Square Barrels are popular for specialized applications.

Pre-Coiled Barrel Eyelets - Stimpson

Pre-Coiled Barrel

Normally used as spacers, they are frequently molded in place in rubber or plastics.