The MS 10 fully automatic attaching machine can be tooled for industry-standard Stimpson 20 and 24-line snap fasteners. This reliable automatic snap fastener machine utilizes an electric servo motor enabling the operator to adjust the fastening speed with consistent torque. Another benefit of a servo-driven motor is that it requires less maintenance since it features fewer moving parts without a clutch. This automatic snap fastener attaching machine features two hoppers, one for male and one for female snap fastener components. The hooper automatically rotates and feeds the snap fasteners into the upper and lower dies via the raceway of the machine for setting. Operators enjoy the MS 10’s hands-free ergonomic design with a foot-actuated mechanism to set snap fasteners comfortably and efficiently. Advanced features include a targeting light with adjustable brightness to set snap fasteners precisely, an integrated counter to help keep operators on track, and an object detection system that automatically shuts the MS 10 down if any foreign object is detected in the setting area.


  • Automatic snap fastener machine 
  • Set Stimpson 20 and 24-line plain stud fasteners with ease with appropriate tooling. 
  • Electric operation, no compressed air power required.
  • Easily adjusted to accommodate materials of different thicknesses, including sailcloth & marine fabrics, webbing, canvas, leather, and many more.
  • The MS 10 features a reliable servo motor with adjustable speed and consistent torque. 
  • Two hoppers (one for male snap components and one for female snap components) quickly rotate and feed the snap fasteners into the upper and lower die via the track of the machine for setting. 
  • Place and set snap fasteners on the material precisely every time using the integrated target light. 
  • Set snaps with either an automatic hands-free foot-actuated mechanism or manually upon the depression of a button. 
  • A built-in counter helps keep operators on track and jobs moving efficiently. 
  • Improve operator safety with the foreign object detection system that automatically shuts down the machine. 
Model MS 10Technical Specifications
Throat Depth:4″
Work Height:34 1/2″
Electrical:115 VAC, 60 Hz, 1 Ph
Motor:.75kw/1 HP
Weight:242 lbs.
Footprint:20″ deep x 20″ wide