Printing, Sign, & Banner Fastening Solutions

For over 175 years, sign & banner customers have relied on Stimpson’s extensive sheet metal grommet & washer line for all of their fastening needs. Stimpson is the original manufacturer & supplier of “no hole needed” self-piercing grommets & washers that pierce the material and set the grommet in one single action saving both time and money.

Since Stimpson’s brass & stainless steel fasteners adhere to strict ISO:9001:2015 quality management systems, customers can rest assured that their fasteners will withstand indoor and outdoor applications for years to come. Stimpson’s high-performance sign & banner fastener line includes: sheet metal self-piercing grommets & washers, plain grommets with plain, teeth or neck washers, rolled rim grommets & spur washers, and snap sets.

Printing, Sign, & Banner Fastening Solutions

  • Versatility: Set Stimpson grommets in various materials, including corrugated plastic, polyester, vinyl, and more.
  • No Hole Needed: Since Stimpson’s innovative self-piercing grommets & washers do not require pre-punched holes, they are an efficient fastening solution for busy shops.
  • Smooth Inside Edge: All grommets feature a smooth inside edge designed to reduce friction between the cord or rope, reducing premature product failure.
  • Attractive Appearance: Brass & stainless steel grommets retain their attractive modern appearance after installation and instantly enhance the aesthetic of any sign or banner.
  • Base Metals & Finish Options: Take your sign & banner design to the next level with several base metal and finish options available including brass, nickel, dull black, and stainless steel.
  • Set Grommets with Confidence: Stimpson supplies an extensive selection of attaching machinery including the legendary Stimpson 405 Bench Press.
Nickel-Plated Self-Piercing Grommet & Washer
Nickel-Plated Self-Piercing Grommet & Washer
Brass Self-Piercing Grommet & Washer
Brass Self-Piercing Grommet & Washer
Self-Piercing Grommet & Washer with a Dull Black Finish

Discover the Stimpson Difference

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified: Stimpson’s fasteners are manufactured to the strictest quality standards thanks to its world-class quality management systems and state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Customer Service: Dedicated Stimpson account managers handle all of your account needs.
  • Technical Services: Access to Stimpson’s sign & banner fastening technical specialists to assist any fastening application or answer any questions.
  • In-Stock Inventory: Stimpson’s self-piercing grommets & washers are in stock and ready to ship when you need them.
  • Competitive pricing: Since Stimpson is the manufacturer & supplier, our fastener pricing is highly competitive for bulk and packaged inventory.
  • On-Time Delivery: Stimpson’s 278,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution center in Pompano Beach, FL, enables us to ship quickly anywhere in the world including domestic, LATAM, Asian-Pacific, European, and African markets.

Stimpson grommet & washer sign specialists stand ready to assist with your fastener applications and discuss your specific requirements. Contact us today to become a Stimpson distributor, for a quote, or to ask a technical question. If you are ready to place an order, visit the official Stimpson webstore with any order placed by 3:00 PM E.T. ships the same day or call Stimpson at (877) 765-0748 to place an order by phone.

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