Stimpson Ring Snaps are made from brass and conform to Government Specifications MIL-F-10884, MS 27890 and MS 27981.

Both our Large Ring Snaps (24 Line) and Small Ring Snaps (20 Line) are available with varying length caps and posts to accommodate different material thicknesses.

These snaps are available with popular finishes such as nickel, dull black chemical or in military specified colors.

Made In The USA

Set D4617 (24 Line)

Cap #=D4543
Socket #=D4511
Stud #=D4547
Post #=D4629

Set D4902 (20 Line)

Cap #=D4861
Socket #=D4858
Stud #=D4859
Post #=D4902

Set D4862 (20 Line Long)

Cap #=D4861
Socket #=D4858
Stud #=D4849
Post #=D4862

Ring Snap Attaching Machines

Snap Attaching Machines are available in a fully automated format, the Segal MS4, as well as the Stimpson hand-operated 405 machine.