An Introduction to Stimpson Eyelets

Stimpson makes the eyelets you need. Our extensive selection of over 3,800 different eyelets has been developed over many years of servicing our customers. It is, therefore, very likely that the eyelet you are looking for will already be available.

However, if your requirement is for a custom eyelet, or you need a variation of an existing eyelet, Stimpson tool and die capabilities are unmatched in the industry. In many cases an alteration to our existing tooling may be all that is necessary, resulting in time and cost savings to you.

A Terminology Guide for Stimpson Eyelets


Measuring the Stimpson Eyelet


The Stimpson Customer Service Staff

Finding just the right eyelet for your application can be a challenging task. We invite you to speak with our Customer Service Representatives about your eyeleting needs. Our Customer Service Staff will be pleased to assist you in finding that right eyelet, providing friendly, helpful service.

Stimpson Customer Service: customer_service
Toll Free Number (U.S. Only): (877) 765-0748
Phone Number: (954) 946-3500
Fax Number: (954) 545-7440

Eyelet Attaching Machines

Hand operated, foot operated or fully automatic, Stimpson offers the Eyelet Attaching Machine which is right for your application. For further information, click on the machine of your choice below.