Model 83 Eyelet Machine

Model 83

Models 83, 83LT, and 2R83 are bench model, automatic feed, high speed eyelet attaching machines.

Model 92

Model 83GW

Achieve a stronger setting on thinner materials with the Model 83GW, a dual-feed grommet machine.

Model 92

Model 92

With upgraded power, the Model 92 sets Stimpson grommets & washers in challenging industrial fabric applications.

2KGW Grommet Machine

Model 2KGW

Increase productivity with the Model 2KGW, a state-of-the-art fully automatic grommet machine.

3PGW Grommet Machine

Model 3PGW

The Model 3PGW is a portable fully automatic grommet machine can set Stimpson grommets in a variety of  industrial fabrics.


Model 4KGW

Utilize innovative toggle linkage to cut through multiple layers of fabrics with the Model 4KGW fully automatic dual feed grommet machine.

Jopevi J-239

Punch holes in your material and set Stimpson grommets in one single action with the J-239 a dual-feed automatic machine.

Jopevi J-269

Set Stimpson grommets with the J-269 grommet machine, one of the most versatile automatic dual-feed grommeting machines.


MS 10

Discover the MS 10, a fully automatic snap fastener machine tooled for snap fasteners designed for productivity.