Stimpson Military Specifications

Approved, and in many cases, specified…Stimpson Brass Grommets and Washers, Eyelets, Snap Fasteners and Vents are manufactured in the United States of America and meet with the latest Military and Commercial Specifications.

Whether your product is a tent, field pack, duffel bag, parachute… Stimpson products can help you make your quality products that much better.

Displayed are some of our most requested items. For additional questions contact our Customer Service Consultants at (877) 765-0748 or 

MS 20230
MIL-G-16491 NASM16491
MIL-F-10884 MS-27980 MS-27981
Hat Vent & Washer
Military Boot Vent & Washer
Military Specified Finishes
Mail Bag Grommet & Washer