Grommet-Finish-Options-StimpsonStimpson customers can customize their grommets & washers by adding a finish. Although considered “decorative,” finishes do inhibit corrosion and oxidation. When assisting customers in selecting which metal finish option is appropriate for their needs, Stimpson finish specialists use the following criteria to aid in the finish selection.

  • What is the final application? (flags, signs & banners, body belts, equestrian tack, tarps, tents, and more.)
  • Is it an indoor application with a controlled climate, or is it an outdoor application where the finished product is exposed to the elements, including salt-water spray?
  • What is the desired finish appearance? (gloss, i.e., light-reflective or matte, non-reflective.)

Upon understanding our customers’ specific needs, Stimpson finish specialists can make recommendations to meet their particular requirements. Let’s explore the different grommet & washer finish options available for immediate delivery from our webstore.

Solid Brass Grommets

Brass-Self-Piercing-Grommet Finish

Brass grommets and washers present a bright lustrous finish with a golden hue. Brass grommets & washers do not rust and are appropriate for indoor & outdoor applications. Stimpson’s solid brass grommets & washers are manufactured from cartridge brass containing 70% copper and 30% zinc and are incredibly durable while still retaining malleability and the lustrous golden hue.

Dull Black Chemical Oxide Grommets


Another popular grommet & washer finish option is a dull black chemical oxide. This non-reflective matte black color is often used in military applications, where the fasteners must reflect the absolute minimum amount of light. Unlike electroplating, a dull black chemical finish is an oxide. The chemicals used in this process permanently alter the surface without changing the thickness of the fasteners. Due to the oxidation process, grommets & washers with a dull black oxide finish have additional corrosion and abrasion protection making them suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, including military applications. It is worth mentioning that this is a cost-effective finish option due to the large number of fasteners treated at one time in the oxidation process.

Nickel Plated Grommets


Nickel plating is a popular grommet finish option because of its ability to protect the fastener’s base metal and provide a lustrous appearance. To achieve the perfect nickel finish, Stimpson uses a process known as electroplating. During the electroplating process, an electrical charge is used to bind nickel ions to the fastener’s surface, creating a permanent bond between the plating and the underlying fastener. This lustrous finish provides excellent corrosion and wear resistance and is suitable for outdoor applications, including marine environments. Unlike other decorative finishes, nickel plating ensures that the base metal is protected even when components slide across adjacent surfaces, including the nickel-plated grommet & washer.

Quick Reference Chart

Solid BrassNickel PlatingDull Black Oxide
Indoor & Outdoor ApplicationsXXX
Rust ResistantXXX
Tarnish ResistantXX
Reflect Light (Bright Shiny Appearance)XX

Add Finish To Your Fasteners
Many Stimpson customers add a finish to their order since it is both functional as it is decorative. In addition to brass, nickel, and dull black chemical oxide finishes, Stimpson also offers zinc plating, enameling (panting), electro-tin plating, paraffin, and spec plating to an exact thickness. While some of the finishing options require a minimum order, others like nickel plating and dull black chemical oxide are available for immediate purchase from the official Stimpson webstore. To learn more or to purchase grommets & washers with finishes, visit, where any order placed before 3:00 PM ET ships the same day, or contact one of the finishing specialists at Stimpson available Monday through Friday 8:00 to 4:30 ET for additional information. Discover why customers large and small rely on Stimpson for quality products and trusted solutions.