Grommets & washers are important components to ensure a reliable, secure, durable, long-lasting fastening solution for awnings, windscreens, canopies and protective covers. Stimpson is the leading manufacturer and supplier of grommets and washers for awnings in the United States. Our durable commercial-grade sheet metal grommets provide hole reinforcement to loop cables, ropes or tie-downs and also keep your awning project looking professional. Stimpson’s sheet metal grommets can be utilized interchangeably with plain washers, teeth washers, or neck washers to secure both commercial and residential awnings, roof tarps, windscreens, canopies, privacy screens and industrial-grade umbrellas. Our sheet metal grommets come in popular finishes such as brass, nickel plated, or dull black chemical to complement your final product and provide protection from the harshest weather conditions. While selecting the right grommet finish is important for a professional look, choosing the right grommet to match your textile type is equally important. Below is a quick list of Stimpson’s grommet & washer types:

  • Plain: These grommets come in a variety of finishes and metals and utilize plain washers. These require a press and/or a hole cutter to set the plain grommet and washer in the fabric.
  • Teeth: This grommet and washer type provides a firm, tight grasp in woven textile materials. Like Stimpson’s other grommet and washer collections, they are available in a variety of finishes and metals to meet your project specifications.
  • Neck: These grommets and washers have a telescoping, barrel to barrel setting reinforcing the hole with two entire parts. This type of grommet and washer combination is ideal for thicker gauge textiles and materials. Neck grommet and washers are ideal for dual-feed, high-speed machines since the neck provides the setting machine with something to grab on to so it can be fed down the raceway toward the tools.
  • Self-Piercing: These are the simplest grommet types to work with, since pre-punched holes are not required for most materials. Self-Piercing grommets and washers are designed to cut their own hole in one single action when setting the corresponding washer.
  • Rolled Rim: Pre-punched holes are required for rolled rim grommets and spur washers. The spur washer has spurs to grip the material and provide a strong setting. Rolled rim grommets and spur washers are often used on awnings, tarps, and flags due to their exposure to the elements and wind.

As you can tell, there are a variety of grommets and washers. Utilizing the correct one for your awning project is important and requires that you choose the right manufacturer and supplier. Stimpson’s grommets and washers for awnings work with a wide range of materials and textiles including canvas, Sunbrella fabrics, woven acrylic, polyester, mesh, and nylon. Not all grommets and washers are the same. Most have different functions depending on the application. To ensure you are utilizing the right grommet and washer for your awning application, consult Stimpson. Our customer service experts stand ready to assist you with your next project.

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