You are surrounded by Stimpson products. The hundreds of thousands of small yet essential metal pieces are everywhere. Often they are in plain view and doing their job, like holding up a banner at the local farmer’s market or filling in a knockout hole in an electrical outlet, or allowing you to fan out a thick booklet of color swatches. Stimpson precision metal fabricated products have been helping flags wave, circuits hum, and offering cooling shade for countless decks and patios for decades.

A myriad of small businesses from a dizzying array of industries is taking full advantage of today’s click-and-buy e-commerce, and speedy deliveries to create products and get them to market, or innovate and produce hand-crafted prototypes with skill and precision. From standard applications like sheet metal hole plugs for a finished look to grommets and eyelets for exquisitely tailored costumes, Stimpson products are key pieces of form and function.

Connecting with makers of musical instruments and supplying the exact eyelet that will make guitar strings sing and a majestic harp hypnotize is music to our ears. Knowing our 405 bench press and grommet starter kits are being used to adorn hand-made costumes, provide a creative outlet for seniors, or allow a commercial painting company to customize their protective covers makes us proud. Being part of their success is thrilling for Stimpson; the world may have changed in the last century and a half but the delight in seeing our metal fasteners used in countless ways hasn’t.