Aluminum grommets fulfill a unique need for a wide range of industries because of this metal’s distinctive characteristics. Here are several things we bet you didn’t know about this element and why aluminum grommets are the preferred metal fasteners for many products and applications familiar to us all.

Industries that use aluminum grommets

Let’s start with the professionals who choose to use aluminum grommets in their products. Because grommets and washers serve a distinct purpose, they are integral parts of the final product and as such, must meet the exacting standards of the product designer, maker, and end user. Hospital curtains, metal bakeware, aerospace parts, flexible ducting and protective barriers for tunnels and mining, non-skid covers for RV steps, and a wide assortment of signs, banners, and tabletop displays all utilize aluminum grommets. The industries represented here include metal fabrication, industrial fabrics, hospital/medical supplies, outdoor gear, aerospace & aviation, and commercial printing.

Why aluminum?

This element has a lot to offer and when the integrity of your curtains or aerospace part that bears your brand name and reputation is at stake, aluminum delivers.

  • Durable – comparable to steel
  • Ductile – easily processed; aluminum can be pulled, stamped, and rolled
  • Light – 3x lighter than steel
  • Resists Corrosion – similar to stainless steel, aluminum oxidizes into a fine whitish film, not red rust, and endures the harshness of the outdoors
  • Attractive – silvery-white color is clean-looking and professional

In addition, industries may find cost savings on shipping and still obtain the durability required for their final product because aluminum weighs much less than brass and steel.

What is aluminum?

Aluminum is the third most common element on planet Earth after oxygen and silicon. It does not catch fire, it is not toxic, and it’s incredibly versatile. From miles of thin sheets and rolls of cooking foil we use every day to high-performance aircraft engines to the under-appreciated soda can, aluminum is a metal in demand. Also, aluminum can be melted down and reused without any loss of its mechanical properties. Recycling aluminum is not only cost efficient it’s an environmentally-friendly way to produce new products from existing aluminum. Fun fact: aluminum melts at 1220 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aluminum grommets from Stimpson

In its vast inventory of sheet metal grommets, Stimpson manufactures aluminum grommets with plain washers in sizes 00 through 4. In addition, aluminum grommets with neck washers are available in sizes 0, 1, and 2. Most Stimpson aluminum grommets have a paraffin coating enabling them to coil efficiently for a flawless setting and professional finish.

Please contact us via email or call (877-765-0748) for ordering and shipping Stimpson aluminum grommets and washers. During our regular business hours feel free to use the live CHAT feature on the Stimpson webstore and get your questions answered immediately!