Casted and assembled for maximum productivity with a premium on quality, the Stimpson 405 bench press is capable of setting a variety of fasteners, including grommets & washers, eyelets, and snaps. Manufactured in the USA since its first iteration over 100 years ago, this all-purpose bench press is built with the most durable cast aluminum lightweight frame available. While its operation is manual, the quality of work it produces equals that of hand feed and automatic setting machinery.

Press operators can dial in the precise stroke distance to obtain a consistent coil no matter how much pressure is applied by the operator. Its strategic lever position offers operators the benefit of a clear view of the setting area as well as increased accessibility to the work material.

With a height of 12”, a weight 10 lbs., and a stroke of 1 ¾”, the Stimpson 405 bench press is quickly transferable from workstation to workstation to meet changing production demands. This bench press is easily mounted on existing workbenches or stations using the pre-drilled screw holes in its base or it can be mounted on the 405 base plate, sold separately.

  • Manufactured from Heavy-duty Aluminum for years of continuous operation.
  • Quick Change Tooling: Swap out top & bottom tooling quickly to set different fasteners in minutes.
  • Easy Setup: Set fasteners within minutes of receiving the 405 bench press.
  • Manual bench press, no electric or compressed air required.
  • Set all Stimpson self-piercing grommets, brass sheet metal and rolled rim grommets up to size #4, and stainless steel grommets up to size #3 with the Stimpson tooling, sold separately.
  • Additional Leverage: The longer lever generates additional leverage enabling operators to set fasteners with confidence while simultaneously reducing operator fatigue and improving productivity.
  • Industry Versatility: The 405 bench press is an appropriate fastener setting tool for a variety of industries, including industrial fabrics, signs & banners, marine applications, tents, apparel, prototyping, and more.

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