Stimpson’s modular hand drive is designed to set grommets & washers for a variety of industrial applications including signs & banners, marine, aerospace & defense, safety & fall protection, tarps & tents, and many more. Depending on the tooling configuration of Stimpson’s modular hand drive, it can set different grommet & washer types and sizes while using the same bolster and handle. When used with Stimpson corresponding tooling, this modular hand drive is compatible with Stimpson’s brass and stainless steel plain grommets & washers #00 through #5, Stimpson’s brass and E-Series stainless steel rolled rim grommets & spur washers#0 through #4, and Stimpson’s marine grade stainless steel rolled rim grommets & spur washers #0 through #4.

Unlike many other grommet & washer hand drive tooling available in the marketplace, Grommet-Hand-Press-StimpsonStimpson’s grommet hand drive features a modular design. This unique design feature allows professionals to quickly swap out the top and bottom tooling while using the same bolster and handle to set different grommet & washer types and sizes. The complete modular hand drive tooling set includes everything needed to begin setting the corresponding grommets & washers immediately. The complete set consists of:

  • Handle: Made from durable cold rolled steel, the versatile modular handle can be used with many different Stimpson top sets or hole punches.
  • Hole Punch: The tool steel hole punch fits into the modular handle and features an extremely sharp circular cutting surface, capable of cutting most materials, and hardened for durability.
  • Top & Bottom Insert Tooling: Depending on the hand drive configuration,the complete set includes both the top and bottom insert tooling designed for your specific grommet and washer size to consistently yield smooth and secure settings.
  • Cutting disc:The cutting disk conveniently fits into the bolster as a base to support the materials while they are cut, so no damage to the workbench or table occurs.
  • Hex key: The high-quality hex key enables the user to loosen the set screw so that the top tool can be easily swapped out.

Customers rely on Stimpson’s grommet hand drive because of its modular design, versatility, portability, and setting quality. The relationship between grommets & washers and setting tools is an important one since tooling is not necessarily  transferable from brand to brand. When setting Stimpson’s grommets & washers, we recommend that you use Stimpson’s hand drives or other Stimpson grommet presses. The modular hand drive is available as a complete set as mentioned above, a basic set, or as individual components enabling customers to expand production as needed. To learn more, visit Stimpson’s official webstore or contact one of the fastening specialists at Stimpson.