Grommets and Washers for Industrial Fabrics

The demand for grommets and washers from both the industrial and technical fabric industries has never been greater. As companies expand their product lines with new and innovative fabric offerings, they continue to rely on Stimpson for quality products and trusted solutions. Stimpson grommets for fabric continue to lead the industry with their versatility, superior fastening performance, and a near-zero defect rate.

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Stimpson Hand Drive For Grommets

Stimpson Modular Hand Drive for Grommets

Stimpson’s modular hand drive is designed to set grommets & washers for a variety of industrial applications including signs & banners, marine, aerospace & defense, safety & fall protection, tarps & tents, and many more. Depending on the tooling configuration of Stimpson’s modular hand drive, it can set different grommet & washer types and sizes while using the same bolster and handle.…

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Stimpson’s 405 Grommet Press, The Professional’s Choice

The iconic Stimpson 405 bench press continues to be a staple on the busiest of production lines because of its legendary setting quality and ease of use. Proudly made in the USA since its first iteration over 100 years ago, this versatile grommet press features a lightweight but heavy-duty aluminum frame and is capable of setting a variety grommets & washers including self-piercing grommets, eyelets and snap sets.…

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Grommets for Leatherworking

Grommets for leather goods are both decorative and functional. Known for their hole reinforcement capabilities, Stimpson’s brass and stainless steel grommets and washers allow leather craftsmen to easily add embellishments. From leather belts to stylish handbags, work aprons and equestrian tack including halters, grommets & washers enhance the form and function of many leather goods.…

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Grommets and Washers for Boats

Marine Grade Stainless Steel Grommets & Washers

The demand for stainless steel grommets and washers for marine applications has never been higher. As companies continue to discover new and innovative marine products, Stimpson’s marine grade stainless steel grommets and washers provide the best fastening and corrosion performance. While many other alloys such as brass provide impressive overall performance, stainless steel continues to be the alloy of choice for marine grade fastening solutions.

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Stimpson #2 Grommets for Signs & Banners

Stimpson #2 grommets and washers come in a variety of types, base metals, and finishes to provide superior hole reinforcement for signs and banners. Manufactured to exacting specifications, all of our grommets feature smooth inside edges specially designed to reduce friction between the cord or rope passing through the grommet. …

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Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Products for the Tent Industry

Stimpson carries Marine Grade stainless steel grommets and washers for tent manufacturing, tent rental companies, and event professionals. Our 304 stainless steel line now includes: plain grommets and washers in sizes #00 – #4, rolled rim grommets and spur washers in sizes #0 – #4, the lightweight E-Series rolled rim grommets and spur washers in sizes #0 – #4, E-Series self-piercing grommets and washers in sizes #2 and #2XL, as well as 24-Line stainless steel plain and screw stud snap sets.…

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Grommet Installation Methods

There are two methods of grommet and washer installation – manual and automatic. Stimpson carries a variety of precision grommet setting machines for signs and banners, apparel, tents, awnings, arts and crafts, and prototyping including hand drives, the 405 Bench Press, and fully automatic industrial setting machinery.

Hand Drives

Stimpson’s complete hand drive set includes everything needed to securely install grommets and washers in a variety of light to medium weight materials.…

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