Stimpson 405 Bench Press | Digital Workshop Series

Designed for maximum productivity with a premium on quality, the Stimpson 405 bench press is capable of setting a variety of fasteners, including grommets & washers, eyelets, and snap sets. Manufactured in the USA since its first iteration over 100 years ago, this all-purpose bench press is built from the most durable cast aluminum lightweight frame available.

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Stimpson Hand Drive For Grommets

Stimpson Modular Hand Drive for Grommets

Stimpson’s modular hand drive is designed to set grommets & washers for a variety of industrial applications including signs & banners, marine, aerospace & defense, safety & fall protection, tarps & tents, and many more. Depending on the tooling configuration of Stimpson’s modular hand drive, it can set different grommet & washer types and sizes while using the same bolster and handle.…

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Stimpson’s 405 Grommet Press, The Professional’s Choice

The iconic Stimpson 405 bench press continues to be a staple on the busiest of production lines because of its legendary setting quality and ease of use. Proudly made in the USA since its first iteration over 100 years ago, this versatile grommet press features a lightweight but heavy-duty aluminum frame and is capable of setting a variety grommets & washers including self-piercing grommets, eyelets and snap sets.…

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Grommet Installation Methods

There are two methods of grommet and washer installation – manual and automatic. Stimpson carries a variety of precision grommet setting machines for signs and banners, apparel, tents, awnings, arts and crafts, and prototyping including hand drives, the 405 Bench Press, and fully automatic industrial setting machinery.

Hand Drives

Stimpson’s complete hand drive set includes everything needed to securely install grommets and washers in a variety of light to medium weight materials.…

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